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About Nanjing

Echoes Of 6 Dynasties
Embark on a journey through Nanjing's historical tapestry, served as the capital of 6 Dynasties for a total of over 500 years.
One Of The Four Ancient Capitals Of China
A Vital Hub In Eastern China
A Green City

Must Explore in Nanjing

Seasons Unveiled

In Nanjing, each season tells a tale, Spring's blossoms, Summer's warmth, Autumn's hues, and Winter's frosty veil.


Attractions in Nanjing

Symphony of Culture and Nature,diverse treasures unfold, where culture and nature entwine make Nanjing a uniquely travel destination.
Purple Mountain
(east → west)Length: 7km
(north → south)Width: 3km
area: 3008.8 h㎡

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Unveiling Nanjing's Tapestry
Classic Cultural Trip in Nanjing

Nanjing, a city with a thousand year history and profound cultural heritage, is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese culture. The cultural journey in Nanjing is not only a journey, but also a spiritual baptism.

Qixia Temple

Nanjing Qixia District Qixia Mountain

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